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The Replicant

The Salt-pan house memorial pavilion

2020 / Competition
Location : SOLINE Natural Park, Slovenia

The goal of the competition is to stop the further ruin of one of the remaining salt-pan houses while using a new intervention to form a spatial model of cultural heritage preservation in the southern area of the salt-pans.
 The salt-pan house was a place where workers and their families had lived in summer. The house would have consisted of a minimum space because it was intended to stay for only a certain period of time. In history, ordinary buildings without features did not get the spotlight and did not focus on the need for preservation. The salt-pan houses were too. Since salt-harvesting was abandoned in the 1960s, many houses have disappeared.
 How should we preserve ordinary places like this? Is it best to protect what is left behind from being destroyed? Is the restoration essential for preservation? Are the ruins that completely restored the old look worthwhile as cultural heritage?
 Besides, there are many thinkings about the restoration and preservation of the heritage, no one can get an answer.The replicant refers to a cloned person in the movie ‘Blade Runner’. They are beings to work too difficult and dangerous who the human is not able to do. And to create through a clone of someone. But they are not the same as the original human being. We propose to emphasize the need for preservation of cultural heritage through a replicated house, as we emphasized human value through cloned human replicants.

Project Gallery

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