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Square Design in Podgorica

the New Square, Landscape and the Old Structure

2021 / Competition
Location : Podgorica, Montenegro
Site area : 20,809㎡
Building area : 1,276.36㎡
Total floor area : 5,411.80㎡
Usage : Retail, Office, Parking (B2F~1F)

This square, the gateway to visitors to Podgorica, should be the answer to the question of what image will be rememvered for them. Ordinaty, Urban Design focuses on removing the old system and replacing it with new ones. However, there is not only one way to redefine the identity of this place to make everything new. It can be a
good way to reveal place’s identity by using existing ones.

In this place, there are many architectures containing traces of time, including the historical architecture ‘Jusovaca Prison’. Although most private residential architectures lack historical meaning compared to
‘Jusovaca Prison’, it is of great significance even if they consider only the time they contain. The additional space required by new program were not in the original, we propose a way to recycle these
old residential architecture.

The two plazas, ground and Sunken, created by changing the existing road system, were planned as a space centered on relaxation and meeting for the identity of a bus terminal and a railway station, and an empty space to hold various events.

Project Gallery

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